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Integrated Eligibility and Enrollment (IE&E) System

IE&E Program Overview 

Approximately one in three Vermont residents enroll in economic and healthcare benefits annually. However, the current eligibility and enrollment systems suffer from operational and technical inefficiencies. This results in a fragmented and cumbersome experience for Vermonters and State Staff, highlighting the need for a more streamlined and coordinated process. Vermonters face challenges during the enrollment process, including the requirement to submit the same information multiple times. Limited data access and coordination across programs when dealing with call centers is an ongoing problem. Additionally, approval timelines are often lengthy, and the information provided could be clearer. These factors underscore the need for a more efficient integrated eligibility system (IES) in Vermont.

Modernizing Vermont's Integrated Eligibility and Enrollment System

The Vermont Integrated Eligibility System (VT-IES) Project is a crucial part of the state's effort to modernize its IE&E system. The current system faces operational and technical challenges impacting Vermonters and state staff. The VT-IES Project aims to address these issues by implementing a customer-focused IES through a phased, modular procurement strategy. The new IES will consist of a Customer Portal, Case Management, and Rules Engine modules, replacing legacy enrollment systems and optimizing eligibility, enrollment, and customer management functionality.

The new IES will provide Vermonters with a centralized, simplified, and user-friendly experience for applying and managing benefits. It will ensure secure enrollment, personalized access, streamlined applications, and comprehensive customer service. State staff will benefit from reduced manual work, improved data integrity, and automated processes. 

You can learn more about the VT-IES Project by clicking the links below.