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Our Work

Programs & Services that Promote Health and Well-being

AHS works toward a comprehensive vision in which all Vermonters are healthy and well by providing programs, services, and supports in partnership with community organizations to support Vermonters in need and help shape more resilient communities.

Conditions of health and well-being are determined by complex factors and forces in our lives that may be constantly changing and that are interrelated. We deliver hundreds of programs and services that fall within several areas of service, as depicted in this graphic below: Aging and Disability, Child and Youth Development, Family Safety & Support, General Health Care, Housing, Income and Employment, Mental Health and Substance Abuse, Public Health, and Risk Reduction and Justice.

Our work at the Agency of Human Services is to deliver effective programs and services that ensure Vermonters have access to the services they need, are supported through periods of vulnerability and transition, are protected from harm, and are building resilience across interrelated contributors to health and well-being.

Explore our Performance Scorecards to find data about the quality and impact of our work.

Our Programs & Services