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Rules & Policies

What are administrative rules?

Generally, administrative rules elaborate the requirements of a law or policy. The laws passed by the Vermont State Legislature do not go into detail about how the law is to be applied and enforced, or about the procedures to be used. This is the role of executive departments and agencies, which promulgate and administer rules and regulations that govern how the law will be carried out. Administrative rules and regulations found on this site are officially promulgated by the Vermont Agency of Human Services and have the force and effect of law.

Click on the links below to find more information about current and proposed rules relating to each department and available health care services.

What are general policies?

Workplace policies are a set of rules and principles that aim to guide employees in how to behave in the workplace. Policies are designed to influence and determine major decisions and actions and all activities take place within the boundaries set by them. Policies are important as they help clarify the standards expected of employees and help employers to manage staff effectively as policies define what is acceptable and unacceptable in the workplace.

01 General Operations Policies
  • 1.01 Development and Dissemination of AHS-wide Standards and Guidelines
  • 1.02 Limited English Proficiency
  • 1.03 AHS Response to Domestic Violence
  • 1.05 AHS Anti-Fraud Policy
  • 1.07 AHS Trauma-Informed System Of Care Policy
  • 1.08 Contracts for Services
  • 1.10 Co-occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Capable System of Care
  • 1.11  Nondiscrimination Policy - Grievance Policy
02 Finance, Management, Budget Policies
  • 2.01 Fedreal Funds Accountability & Transparency Act ( FFATA )
  • 2.02 Consumer Reimbursement
  • 2.03 External Agency Audit Reports and Reviews
  • 2.04 Clarification Memo for Consumer Reimbursement Policy
  • 2.06 Advanced Payment Policy
03 Information Management
  • 3.01 AHS Records and Information Management (RIM) Policy
  • 3.02 AHS Recording Meetings Policy
04 Human Resources Policies
  • 4.01 Management of Internal Controls for AHS Systems and Property: Administration of Changes in Employee Work Status
  • 4.02 Background Checks for Hiring
  • 4.04 Employee Recognition/Meritorious Increases
  • 4.05 Work Schedules
05 Information Technology and Electronic Communications Policies
  • 5.02 Information Technology Governance
  • 5.03 Information Security Access Control Policy
  • 5.04 Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards Compliance Policy
  • 5.05 Incident Procedures Standard
  • 5.06 Change Control
  • 5.07 Audit and Accountability
  • 5.08 Information Security Assessment and Authorization Policy
  • 5.09 AHS Data Encryption for Laptops and Tablet Computers
  • 5.10 Personal Equipment, Software and data
  • 5.11 Federal Tax Information Data Compliance Policy
  • 5.12 Information Security Risk Assessment Policy
  • 5.13 Information Security Audit and Logging Policy
  • 5.14 Information Security System and Communications Protection Policy
  • 5.15  Information Security Maintenance Policy
  • 5.16 Information Security System and Information Integrity Policy
  • 5.17 Information Security Physical and Environmental Protection Policy
  • 5.18 Information Security Awareness and Training Policy
  • 5.19 Information Security Planning Policy
  • 5.20 Information Security Media Protection and Data Sanitization Policy
  • 5.21 Information Security Identification and Authentication Policy
  • 5.22 Information Security System and Services Acquisition Policy
  • 5.23 Information Security Configuration Management Policy
  • 5.24 Information Security Contingency Planning Policy
  • 5.25 Information Security Personnel Policy
  • 5.26 Federal Tax Information Related Background Checks
06 Public Records Requests Policies
  • 6.01 AHS Public Records Policy
  • 6.02  Request for Consumer Records by a Third Party
  • 6.04 VHC Privacy Governance Policy
  • 6.05 VHC Information Privacy Policy
08 Contracts
  • 8.01 Contracts for Services
  • 8.48 AHS Consumer Information and Privacy Rule