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Vision, Mission, Values, and Key Practices


Vermont is a place where all people have the opportunity to thrive in inclusive, equitable, and resilient communities. 


Improve the conditions and well-being of people in Vermont. 

Our mission is a commitment to fostering positive change in the lives of Vermonters. It underscores our dedication to creating an environment where individuals not only survive but thrive. 


In the administration of programs and services, empowerment and development of staff to innovate and improve our systems, and in the delivery of value to Vermont taxpayers, the Agency of Human Services is driven by the following values: 

  • Integrity 

  • Service 

  • Transparency 

Three Key Practices

These three key practices guide our work in alignment with our mission and values, whether the focus is on services, employees, or the Vermonters we serve. 

  • Innovation 

  • Collaboration 

  • Dedication