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Central Office

The AHS Central Office (sometimes referred to as the Secretary's Office) is responsible for establishing and supporting the administration of policy, practice, fiscal, and operations across the Departments and District Offices that ensure holistic, consistent, and reliable service delivery to Vermonters.

Jenney Samuelson is the Secretary of the Agency of Human Services and leads the AHS Central Office.

Contacting the AHS Central Office

The AHS Central Office/Secretary's Office can help resolve general inquiries and media inquiries. If you are unsure who to contact to answer your question or find the right program area, please call our office at (802) 241-0440 or fill out this contact form.

Our physical address is: 280 State Drive, Waterbury, VT  05671-1080

AHS Central Office Units

This high-level organizational chart demonstrates the major business units of the AHS Central Office.

CO Org Chart

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