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Local Offices | Field Services

The Agency of Human Services administers some programs and services to Vermonters locally, based out of twelve districts. Field Services Directors also work across internal programs to ensure that individuals and families have access to the range of services for which they are eligible. They also collaborate with community organizations in each district to ensure that our efforts to improve health and well-being are coordinated and aligned, leveraging and supporting local planning and action. 

You can find the AHS Field Directors' contact information below, and we encourage you to explore each District page to find more information about office locations, programs and services available, specific program contact information, and collaborative projects.

Barre | Bennington | Brattleboro | Burlington | Hartford | Middlebury | Morrisville | Newport | Rutland | Springfield | St. Albans | St. Johnsbury

AHS Field Office Directors

Barre & Hartford Districts: Ken Hammond, 802-798-4431

Burlington & Middlebury Districts: Kerri Duquette-Hoffman, 802-585-4863

Brattleboro & Springfield Districts: Sue Graff, 802-585-5334

Newport & St. Johnsbury Districts: Chris Mitchell, 802-585-6663

Rutland & Bennington Districts: Adam Sancic, 802-798-2075

St. Albans & Morrisville Districts: Kristin Prior, 802-343-6222