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Performance Scorecards

The AHS Scorecards contain data and information about the well-being of Vermonters, as well as the quality and impact of AHS programs to improve outcomes for the people with whom we work.

The Scorecard tool uses the Results Based Accountability (RBA) framework, and helps us demonstrate our commitment to driving and supporting outcomes-oriented and data-driven strategies at the state and local level. 

Click here to watch a video tutorial about how Scorecards work.

In each department and across AHS, we are building, maintaining, and using Scorecards to strengthen how we measure, monitor, and continuously improve our programs and organization with a focus on whether the individuals and families we work with are "better off".  Click the icons below to view Scorecards about a variety of programs and services.

At the bottom of this page are two statewide reports that you can view on Scorecards: The Statewide Outcomes Report (view full report) and the Programmatic Performance Measure Budget (view AHS report only).