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2017 Final Policies

This page contains final policies to the Global Commitment Register (GCR) for the Medicaid program.


Rules included:

1.101 Health Care Administrative Rules Definitions

 7101 Medicaid Benefit Delivery

4.102 Emergency Services

6.100 Medicaid Cost Sharing

8.100 Internal Appeals, Grievances, Notices, and State Fair Hearings on Medicaid Services

7110 Global Commitment Appeals and Grievances (Repealed)

Rules included:

7303 Acupuncture (Repealed)

7306 Fertility Services (Repealed)

7307 Massage Therapy (Repealed)

7310 Surgery (Repealed)

4.103 Medicaid Non-Covered Services

4.223 Abortion

9.103 Supervised Billing