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Resources for Families


Prevention of child sexual abuse and sexual violence is possible and does happen. Breaking the silence, learning about and tallking about signs, symptoms, and interrupting the grooming process are all key steps to preventing this crime.

There are many pieces to the puzzle of child sexual abuse. These resources will provide you with the facts so you can understand it, interrupt behaviors that are inappropriate and change the environments that allow access to children.


Learn what to do and who to call if you notice inappropriate behavior or suspect abuse. Learn ways that you can be supportive and encourage treatment both with those who have experienced sexual abuse or who exhibit sexually harmful behaviors.


Research shows that both those who have been sexually abused and those with sexually harmful behaviors benefit from specific theraputic treatment. With clinical guidance those who have experienced sexual abuse can recover and be resilient survivors. Those with sexually harmful behaviors can be accountable, control their harmful behaviors and reduce their risk to abuse again.