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Resources and Tools for Managing Stress and Building Resilience

News of the COVD-19 is unsettling for many, and may cause increased stress and anxiety. Below are some reminders, resources, and tools to help you at this difficult time.


Pay Attention to Your Body and Your Emotions (from "Preparing for the Coronavirus by Taking Care of Your Whole Self" by the Department of Mental Health)

It’s natural to experience stress and anxiety in the face of uncertainty. Everyone reacts differently, so it is important to determine what your needs are.

  • Listen to your emotions, noticing any anxiety, sadness, anger, or detachment.
  • Listen to your body, noticing any change in appetite, new aches and pains, or feeling particularly hot or cool.
  • When you notice troubling symptoms, pause to care for your body and mind (see the suggestions on how to do this below).
  • If you become unable to manage or function well, seek the assistance of a professional
    • For immediate assistance, text VT to 741741
    • For local crisis assistance numbers, see the listing on the Department of Mental Health’s website here: How to Get Help Locally
    • You can also call 2-1-1 for assistance locating someone near you



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