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2018 - 2021 Waiver Documents

The Global Commitment to Health is a Demonstration Waiver authorized pursuant to Section 1115(a) by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), within the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).







Vermont has received CMS approval of its requested amendment to its Section 1115 Global Commitment to Health Demonstration (11-W-00194/1). This amendment ensures the continued availability of treatment supports that effectively treat serious mental illness (SMI) and severe emotional disturbance (SED), and it promotes a comprehensive and integrated continuum of mental and physical health, OUD/SUD treatment, and long-term services and supports for all Vermonters.

2019 Final Approved Waiver Documents:
Monitoring Protocol:
2019 Waiver Amendment Request Documents:


Vermont received approval from CMS effective July 1, 2018 to amend the Global Commitment to Health section 1115 waiver for the period of 7/1/2018 through 12/31/2021.

2018 Final Approved Waiver Documents:


Phasedown Plan for Vermont's Psychiatric Institutions of Mental Disease (IMDs) - Report to CMS (12/31/2018)

Monitoring Protocol:
2018 Waiver Amendment Request Documents: