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Community Profiles of Health and Well-being

People walking in downtown BurlingtonWhat are the Community Profiles?

The Community Profiles of Health and Well-being is a tool to share data about the way people in Vermont experience conditions that impact their health and well-being.

The data is a resource to support communities, organizations, and people to understand more about their local area and the people in it. Understanding and using the data will lead to local insights, cross-sector collaboration, and action to make a measurable difference in peoples' lives.

Where are the Community Profiles?

The Community Profiles are undergoing a transformation to provide data that is even more useful.

The new set of profiles will include data highlighting how individual experiences of well-being can differ drastically, even within our small state. Such differences may be based on factors such as: location, lifestyle, economic opportunity, appearance, personal identity, ability, social affiliation, and more. The new set of profiles will also be moving to a new data reporting platform. It will have more capabilities and will be more accessible to all. 

We hope these changes will contribute to more accessible and transparent data from across the Agency (and beyond) for the use and benefit of all Vermonters. In the meantime, below are some excellent sources providing data and information to inform decision-making and action for partners, communities, and everyone hoping to improve the well-being of people in Vermont.

Additional data and information about the health and well-being of people and communities in Vermont

Vermont Community Resilience Index

Vermont State Annual Outcomes Report

Vermont State Health Assessment

Public Health Data Resources

Healthy Vermonters 2030

Agency of Human Services Performance Scorecards