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About AHS

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Federal Cost Allocation Plans

Please click on one of the subcategories below to access Agency of Human Services Cost Allocation Plans by state fiscal year.

The Cost Allocation Plan identifies, accumulates, and distributes allowable direct and indirect costs to cost objectives, and identifies the allocation methods used for distribution to cost objectives, based on relative benefits received.

Cost Allocation Plan by State Fiscal Year 

Health Care Administrative Rules (HCAR)

“Health Care Administrative Rules” or “HCAR” mean the collection of regulations adopted by the Agency of Human Services that govern the administration of Vermont Medicaid, including general provisions, eligibility, benefit delivery, covered services, reimbursement, specialized services, beneficiary rights, and provider responsibilities.  On this page you will find adopted and proposed rules.


Barre District Office Information:

The AHS District Offices in Barre are located at 5 Perry Street, Barre, VT 05641 (McFarland Building) and 255 North Main Street, Barre, VT 05641. See photos and more information about where programs are located below. 


District offices are open during regular business hours  —  7:45am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday.

Strategic Planning

2018-2023 Strategic Planning Cycle:

In 2017, Governor Scott announced a new strategic planning process to orient state government toward the top four priorities of his administration:

  1. Grow the economy
  2. Make Vermont more affordable
  3. Protect the most vulnerable
  4. Modernize state government

The Agency of Human Services developed a set of goals and strategies that would support the improvement of our service system toward these ends (see image below).

Local Offices | Field Services

The Agency of Human Services administers some programs and services to Vermonters locally, based out of twelve districts. Field Services Directors also work across internal programs to ensure that individuals and families have access to the range of services for which they are eligible. They also collaborate with community organizations in each district to ensure that our efforts to improve health and well-being are coordinated and aligned, leveraging and supporting local planning and action. 

Central Office

The AHS Central Office (sometimes referred to as the Secretary's Office) is responsible for establishing and supporting the administration of policy, practice, fiscal, and operations across the Departments and District Offices that ensure holistic, consistent, and reliable service delivery to Vermonters.

Jenney Samuelson is the Secretary of the Agency of Human Services and leads the AHS Central Office.

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