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Independent Evaluation Reports

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Prepared for Vermont Tobacco Evaluation and Review Board by RTI International
2015 Annual Report – a Historical Look at Progress Achieved, Successes, and Lessons Learned and RTI Recommendations for Tobacco Control in Vermont for the Years 2015-2020
Final Report July 2016
Evaluation Plan for the Vermont Tobacco Control Program’s Point of Sale Initiative
Final Report June 2016
Vermont Tobacco Control Program Point of Sale Evaluation Logic Model
Final June 2016
Vermont Local Opinion Leader Survey Summary Report
Summary Report September 2014
2014 RTI Site Visit Notes Report
These site visit notes were taken by several individuals including RTI and the Interim Board Administrators. Thus the items included in this document reflect the notes, recommendations and action items recorded by various people, and different note-takers may have attended to and prioritized different content. We have included all recommendations that were captured in notes taken by RTI and the Interim Board Administrators.
Independent Evaluation of the Vermont Tobacco Control Program: Fiscal Year 2013 Annual Report Summary and Recommendations
Draft Report February 2014
Vermont Quit by Phone Program Summary by Registrant Medicaid Status, FY 2011–FY 2013
Final Report January 2014
Use of the Vermont Quit by Phone Program by Pregnant Tobacco Users, FY 2011–FY 2013
Final Report January 2014
Professional Development Trainings Case Study Report
Final Report August 2013
A Brief Summary of Program Utilization and Cessation Outcomes for Current Adult Smokers Who Registered with the Quit by Phone or Quit in Person Programs in FY 2012 by Registrant Medicaid Status
Final Report June 2013
An Evaluation of Vermont Quit Network Clients by Medicaid Status: FY 2011
Final Report November 2012
Independent Evaluation of the Vermont Tobacco Control Program: Annual Report FY2011
Final Report April 2012
The Impact of the Vermont Tobacco Control Program, Cigarette Excise Taxes, Smoke-Free Air Laws, and Cross-Border Sales on Per Capita Cigarette Consumption in Vermont: 1980–2009
Draft Topical Report February 2012
Vermont Tobacco Prevention Education Fidelity Study
Final Report June 2009
Vermont Tobacco-Free School Policies
Final Report February 2009
Assessing the Impact of Cigarette Excise Taxes and Tobacco Control Expenditures on Cigarette Sales, Tax Revenue, and Smoking Prevalence in Vermont
Final Report June 2008
The Value of an Independent Board and Independent Evaluation
Because of VTERB oversight and independent evaluation, the Vermont Tobacco Control Program's media campaigns are stronger, funding decisions are more prudent and better leveraged, agency partnerships have led to improvements in reaching target audiences, program strategies are consistently reviewed and improved, and the overall tobacco use rate among Vermonters has steadily declined.