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2017 VTERB Annual Report
2016 VTERB Annual Report
2015 Annual Report
FY16 VTERB Budget Memo
This memo requests a transfer of funds, pursuant to Section E.300.3 of H.490 Fiscal Year 2016 Appropriations Sec. E. 300.3 TRANSFER OF TOBACCO PROGRAM FUNDING (a) In fiscal year 2016, up to $175,000 proportionately allocated from the tobacco funds appropriated to all entities excluding the Global Commitment waiver, shall upon request of the Tobacco Evaluation and Review Board be transferred to the Agency of Human Services for the costs of program administration and evaluation activity approved by the Board.
FY14-FY16 Funding Sustainability Agreement
The FY2013 appropriations bill required a three-year level-funding tobacco control funding sustainability plan which was decided upon by multiple agencies including Administration, Finance, Health, Health Access and the Tobacco Board. This link is to the complete Letter of Agreement to level fund Vermont's Comprehensive Tobacco Control Program for FY 14 - FY16.
Tobacco Trust Fund Statement
Blueprint For A Tobacco-Free Vermont
This historical report from the Tobacco Tack Force (1999) addresses the costs and consequences of tobacco on Vermonters, the Tobacco Task Force plan for tobacco control in Vermont, and a description of the federal lawsuit against tobacco companies and the resulting Master Settlement Agreement.
Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) and Program Funding
Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) and Program Funding In 1998, the MSA settled claims by states against the tobacco industry for the companies’ conduct in the sales, advertising, and marketing of cigarettes, and health effects and resulting costs to the states. Vermont sued the companies under public health and consumer protection laws. The MSA established the American Legacy Foundation to carry out a nationwide program to counter youth tobacco use, limit tobacco companies’ marketing strategies, and require the participating companies to make annual payments to the states, in perpetuity.
Vermont Tobacco Control State Plan
Collaborating to reduce tobacco use for a healthier Vermont: Vermont Tobacco Evaluation and Review Board | Vermont Department of Health | Vermont Agency of Education Vermont Department of Liquor Control | Office of the Vermont Attorney General
Request for Bid - VTERB Evaluation 2017