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Autism Specialists

As part of the reorganization effort, the Agency of Human Services created a statewide position with a special focus on autism spectrum disorders. The Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living (DAIL), Division of Disability and Aging Services hired an Autism Specialist. Her primary role is to develop and enhance the system of support in the home and community for people with autism spectrum disorders. She can work with community agencies, support groups and government departments to address system issues, enhance service delivery and develop or provide training. She can also help people brainstorm ideas, find information and locate resources.

Autism Supports

The DAIL Autism Specialist is working closely with the autism consultant with the Department of Education, to identify autism needs and resources in the state. The DAIL Autism Specialist’s primary focus is on developing systems of support and professional development in and for schools statewide for students with autism spectrum disorders.

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