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AHS Field Services

AHS Field Services Directors - Contact InformationMission: The VT Agency of Human Services strives to improve the health and well-being of Vermonters today and tomorrow and to protect those among us who are unable to protect themselves.


AHS Field Services Directors support the mission and the One Agency Strategic Plan at the local level. The AHS Field Services Directors are part of the AHS Central Office staff. They work with each other to promote the “One Agency” culture in local communities, including AHS district offices. Field Services Directors blend the AHS mission into the unique needs and cultures of Vermont’s communities to inform local and systems level change.


Represent the AHS Secretary in the field

  • Convene AHS district leaders and community partners to communicate AHS priorities and community-specific information
  • Represent AHS on local and state teams
  • Bring information about community ideas, responses, and concerns from the local districts to the Secretary and AHS Central Office colleagues to better fulfill the AHS mission
  • Reinforce the “One Agency” culture
  • Inform AHS policy decisions and development by bringing a local perspective
  • Be a conduit of information from AHS Central Office and AHS Department Central Offices to the community

Lead AHS strategic initiatives in the district

  • Help all communities achieve AHS strategic outcomes working with AHS Central Office, AHS Department Central Offices and Department district managers
  • Convene local teams and work groups with AHS staff members and community partners to identify and forward practice changes related to improving AHS goals
  • Work with the “Strategy Leads” and “Goal Leads” identified in the AHS strategic plan to implement practice changes in the districts
  • Link performance measures to district practice using tools, like the RBA framework or Collective Impact model, to improve AHS outcomes
  • Identify successful practice and share knowledge about those successes across AHS departments and districts to improve statewide performance
  • Support Goal Leads and Strategy Owners in communicating the status of strategic initiatives in the Districts to the AHS Secretary’s Office and AHS Department Central Offices

  AHS Field Services Director's Map

 Facilitate problem solving strategies to ensure people access services and systems

  • Consult with AHS staff members and community partners to address people’s needs in complex situations
  • Operationalize systems changes to best serve people with complex needs
  • Connect people to AHS systems and community services

Provide leadership, support and direction to address gaps in systems, resources and services

  • Attend to gaps through service coordination, systems development  and helping to  target and maximize Agency-wide discretionary funds for people with complex needs
  • Communicate with multiple partners about resources and services to maximize use and efficiency for service providers and people accessing services
  • Initiate responses to emergent community issues
  • Assist AHS Central Office and AHS Department Central Offices in the development of contracts and grants, and in the allocation of state funding

Contribute to creation of positive climates in AHS districts so staff members feel safe and supported

  • Empower staff members to attend to their safety and the safety of people accessing services
  • Operationalize consistent policies across all AHS Departments regarding safety and wellness for staff members in district offices
  • Hold and communicate knowledge of the operations of district state office buildings
  • Liaise with BGS, AHS Central Office, and local municipalities regarding safety, security, training and preparedness in district office buildings
  • Support staff members’ development to ensure effective delivery of services
  • Attend to morale building and “One Agency” culture in district offices

AHS Field Services Directors - Contact Information