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Newsletter Safety Articles

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The child sexual violence prevention work team has created a series of safety articles for you to print, distribute or use in school newsletters. If you do not already have one, we recommend a general safety column in your school newsletter. The articles found in this folder will provide important general safety information and information specific to the prevention of child sexual abuse for the adults in your community. To see a full description please read the letter to Administrators enclosed.
Sexual Abuse Newsletter Articles
This folder contains 10 short articles specific to sexual abuse and sexual violence prevention and safety. You may cut and paste them in whole or part for use in your Newsletters and home communication.
Article Number 1: Introduction to the Safety Column
This is an introduction to the safety column of your Newsletter. Red font indicates that this is a place to personalize the article with information about or for your school or organization.
Article Number 2: Mandated Reporting
This article describes what it means to be a mandated reporter in the school setting.
Alcohol Awareness Newsletter Articles
This folder contains articles on awareness and the prevention alcohol abuse by children and youth.
Suicide Prevention
This folder contains article on suicide prevention and awareness.
Drug Abuse Prevention
This folder contains information to raise awareness on the topic of youth drug use and abuse and the prevention actions adults can take.
Letter to Administrators: Principals, Superintendents, School Boards
This is a letter to Administrators from the Vermont Center for Prevention and Treatment of Sexual Abuse informing you about the safety newsletter article resource and how it will assist you with implementation of 2009 ACT 1 mandates.