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The Vermont Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Sexual Abuse

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A society that actively promotes the sexual safety of its citizens and provides effective therapeutic services for individuals affected by sexual abuse. 


The mission of the Vermont Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Sexual Abuse (VCPTSA) is to coordinate and support statewide, collaborative efforts to prevent sexual abuse and sexual violence. This coordination includes a strategic plan for providing access to treatment for both victims and persons with sexually harmful behaviors.


In 1988, the legislature mandated the creation of the Center to provide statewide coordination of all sexual abuse victims and sex offender prevention and treatment services. The VCPTSA was the first of its kind in the United States and administered jointly by the Department of Corrections (DOC) and the Division of Family Services, the Department for Children and Families (DCF). Established in 1982, the Vermont Treatment Program for Sexual Abusers (VTPSA) fell into place under the umbrella of the VCPTSA, but remained administratively under the DOC.

On February 27, 2009, the Senate and House passed S.13 - AN ACT RELATING TO IMPROVING VERMONT’S SEXUAL ABUSE RESPONSE SYSTEM. It was signed into law on March 17, 2009, becoming Act One of the 2009 session. The legislative intent of the act is to increase child sexual abuse prevention efforts, enhance investigations and prosecutions of child sexual abuse, provide sentencing courts with the information necessary to devise appropriate sentences for sex offenders, and improve supervision of sex offenders. Section 12 refocused VCPTSA and created mandates for reporting progress of the overall system of response.


VCPTSA was created to provide a central point of oversight to Vermont’s systematic response to sexual assault and child sexual abuse. The Center is a facilitator to the many agencies, organizations, and individuals that have independent roles and responsibilities within the overall system.

Legislative Reports:

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