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AIM Project Storyboards 2012

Project Title and Brief Description
Department, Team Lead
Make the case closure process easier to understand.
DAIL: Div for the Blind & Visually Impaired
Lead:Fred Jones
Sponsor: Fred Jones
Create a more meaningful and efficient performance evaluation format.
DAIL: Div of Vocational Rehabilitation
Lead: Alicia Wein
Sponsor: Diane Dalmasse
Reduce the time to process applications for quicker provider payments.
DCF: Child Development Div.
Lead: Carole Pomeroy
Sponsor: Dave Yacovone
Increase the number of accurate presumptive disability decisions to get benefits to claimants faster.
DCF: Disability Determination Services
Lead: Jack McCormack
Sponsor: Trudy Lyon-Hart
Increase face-to-face visits with children/youth for better outcomes and to avoid monetary penalties.
DCF: Family Services Division
Lead: Tricia Tyo, Margo Bryce
Sponsor: Cindy Walcott
Increase the number of SSI applications submitted for children/youth in foster care to create greater stability for families and offset state expenses.
DCF: Family Services Division
Lead: Heather McLain
Sponsor: Dave Yacovone
Increase referrals from OCS to Creative Workforce Solutions to help parents meet their child support payment obligations.
DCF: Office of Child Support
Lead: Karen Wingate
Sponsor: Jeff Cohen
Ensure consistent orientation materials for board members that are welcoming, effective, and efficient.
DMH: Child, Adolescent & Family Unit
Lead: Alice Maynard
Sponsor: Charlie Biss
Increase the effective, efficient, and accountable communications with inmates in Kentucky.
DOC: Out of State Unit
Lead: Shawna Lapierre, Rick Byrne
Sponsor: Bill Lawhorn
Reduce redundancy of DVHA staff time in grant application process.
Lead: Kathy Browne
Sponsor: Mark Larson
Streamline acquisition process, accelerate vendor selection, and implement RFP process management.
Lead: Michelle Lavallee
Sponsor: Mark Larson
Increase access to buprenorphine MAT services for Medicaid beneficiaries.
Lead: Michael McAdoo
Sponsor: Mark Larson
Improve the provider enrollment process to improve provider experience and reduce staff time answering questions.
Lead: Megan Mitchell
Sponsor: Mark Larson
Increase staff understanding of Hub and Spoke Initiative.
VDH: Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs
Lead: Karen Casper
Sponsor: Linda Piasecki
Increase the percentage of WIC participation in Waitsfield.
VDH: Barre District Office
Lead: Linda Seel
Sponsor: Sasha Bianchi
Increase the percentage of WIC clients in Bennington County who redeem all or part of their fruit and vegetable cards.
VDH: Bennington District Office
Lead: Kathleen O’Reilly
Sponsor: Chris Bongartz
Based on post-Irene feedback the local health office wanted to improve community knowledge of Brattleboro office resources and support. Specifically this project focuses on use of water test kits.
VDH: Brattleboro District Office
Lead: Rebecca Olmstead
Sponsor: Diane Champion
Increase the number of OB/GYN providers in Chittenden County who include an oral health component during the initial prenatal visit.
VDH: Burlington District Office
Lead: Ann Giombetti
Sponsor: Heather Danis
Ensure quality control and administrative oversight in developing outreach materials to ensure they are directly linked to desired programmatic outcomes.
VDH: Health Promotion & Disease Prevention
Lead: Patrick Kinner
Sponsor: Garry Schaedel
Increase the % of infants born to HBsAg+ mothers receiving hepatitis B vaccinations.
VDH: Health Surveillance
Lead: Patsy Kelso
Sponsor: Tracy Dolan
IT responsiveness to change defects and enhancement requests.
VDH: Information Technology
Lead: Dan Smith
Sponsor: Eileen Underwood
Increase the ease with which Public Health Laboratory customers can find drinking water testing information.
VDH: Public Health Laboratory
Lead: Mary (Stella) Celotti
Sponsor: Tracy Dolan
Reduce the amount of work time spent on following up with WIC participants who have missing Proof of Deliveries (POD) by reducing missing POD’s.
VDH: Middlebury District Office
Lead: Megan Lausted
Sponsor: Moira Cook
Increase the number of high-risk WIC participants receiving follow-up contact between appointments.
VDH: Morrisville District Office
Lead: Amanda Densmore
Sponsor: Val Valcour
Increasing referrals to the Children’s Integrated Services program for early childhood prevention and early intervention resources for better overall health outcomes.
VDH: Newport District Office
Lead: Chantale Nadeau
Sponsor: Ann Creaven
Increase documentation of WIC children’s immunizations to ensure up-to-date immunizations.
VDH: Rutland District Office
Lead: Brianne Danaher
Sponsor: Joanne Calvi
Increase the awareness of all WIC families in the Springfield area to the Free and Reduced Lunch program to encourage fuller utilization of the program.
VDH: Springfield District Office
Lead: Eileen Katchen
Sponsor: Becky Thomas
Reduce staff distractions in high traffic area of office in order to reduce errors in writing up WIC clinic schedules.
VDH: St. Albans District Office
Lead: Dorey Myers
Sponsor: Destiny Cadieux
Reduce the number of visitors who have difficulty finding our office.
VDH: St. Johnsbury District Office
Lead: Abby Young
Sponsor: Kathrin Lawlor
Increase the rate of reporting to and use of the Immunization Registry in daycares.
VDH: White River Junction District Office
Lead: Wendy Walsh
Sponsor: Linda North, Becky Thomas