Vermont Parole Board

The Vermont Parole Board as an independent entity that considers eligible offenders for parole, rendering just decisions by balancing victim needs, the risk to public safety, while promoting offender accountability success.

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For more information, please refer to the Vermont Parole Board Manual revised 01/15/2020.

Tentative Monthly Hearing Schedule

Dates For Parole Board Hearings at Correctional Facilities and Probation & Parole Offices:



Final Hearing Schedules for Hearing Sites

Current Final Parole Board Hearings Schedules For Each Hearing Site

Correctional Facilities
Probation & Parole Offices
Hartford Probation & Parole Office


Contact the Parole Board Office

Location: 166 Horseshoe Drive - Weeks Building, Waterbury, VT 05671-1002

Phone: (802) 241-0970


Parole Board Support Staff

Parole Board Director: Mary Jane Ainsworth
Executive Office Manager: Colby Leno
Administrative Assistant: Kristin Graham

Vermont Parole Board Members

Parole Board Chair: Dean George
Parole Board Vice-Chair: Patricia Boucher
Parole Board Members: Peter Ozarowski, Wayne Dengler, Richard Grassi
Parole Board Alternate Members: Luci Stephens and Lynn Roberto

Contact Information

Agency of Human Services
280 State Drive - Center Building
Waterbury, VT