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Services available to Vermonters within and outside of AHS.
Substance Abuse Trainings
Conferences, schools and trainings for professionals. Call the Training Coordinator at (802) 652-4141
Supported Employment-Division of Disability and Aging Services
The Vermont Supported Employment Program provides a full range of services which enable people with disabilities to access and succeed in competitive employment. The program goal is to provide full access to employment through the provision of individual support services for people who have historically been excluded from employment.
Supported Employment-Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
Supported employment serves people with significant disabilities and provides a wide range of services designed to teach job skills, help a person transition into a job, and ensure that employers meet the needs of their employees. Typically, support is gradually withdrawn as natural supports are developed on the job and as the individual becomes more and more self-sufficient.
Transportation Services
Access to transportation services that are flexible and responsive to the varied needs of older adults and people with disabilities is critical to the success of many programs available in Vermont. DDAS works closely with numerous state and local agencies to ensure that individuals have access to transportation services to maintain independence and promote access to needed services and resources.
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)-Division of Disability and Aging Services
The Traumatic Brain Injury Program diverts and/or returns Vermonters, with a moderate to severe traumatic brain injury, from hospitals and facilities to a community-based setting.
Traumatic Brain Injury Program-Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
The Traumatic Brain Injury Program helps people 16 years of age or older who are receiving traditional Medicaid and have recent moderate to severe brain injury requiring one-on-one instruction focusing on independent living with a goal of returning to vocational activities. Call (802) 241-2186
Vermont Child Abuse and Neglect Registry: Guide for Persons Substantiated for Child Abuse or Neglect
The Vermont Child Abuse and Neglect Registry is a database of all substantiated reports of child abuse and neglect since January 1, 1992.
Vermont Child Abuse and Neglect Registry: A Guide for Employers
Under Vermont law, employers may request a registry search to determine whether to hire or retain a specific individual providing care, custody, treatment, transportation, or supervision of children or vulnerable adults.
Vermont Foodbank
The mission of the Vermont Foodbank is to gather and share quality food and nurture partnerships that will end hunger in Vermont. Started in 1986, the Foodbank is a member of America's Second Harvest - The Nation's Food Bank Network (A2HN), the country's largest charitable hunger-relief organization.
Vermont Foster Parents
How to become a foster parent in Vermont.
Vermont Health Access Plan (VHAP)
VHAP is a health insurance program for low-income uninsured adults age 18 and older who have been uninsured for 12 months or more OR have recently lost their insurance because of a life change such as a divorce or loss of a job.
Vermont Health Care Reform
Making quality and affordable health care available for all Vermonters
Vermont State Hospital
The Vermont State Hospital is the state's most intensive mental health program and is for people whose mental health needs cannot be met in the local community or general hospital. Call (802) 241-1000
Weatherization Program
The purpose of the Weatherization Program is to reduce the energy costs for low-income families, particularly for elderly persons, people with disabilities, and children, by improving the energy efficiency and comfort of their homes while ensuring their health and safety.
WIC in Vermont (Nutrition Program)
Vermont WIC is the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children. WIC serves income-eligible pregnant women, new mothers, and children up to age 5 who are nutritionally or medically at risk. Every year, thousands of women, infants and children receive health screenings, nutrition assessments and health education from the Vermont WIC program. In addition to providing healthy foods such as low-fat milk, juice, cereal, peanut butter, eggs and cheese, WIC gives participants free health and nutrition advice and puts them in touch with other community resources. Call 1-800-464-4343 ext. 7333, or (802) 863-7333