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Services available to Vermonters within and outside of AHS.
Food and Nutrition Programs
Access to nourishing food is a critical link to maintaining physical health, independence and quality of life.
Food Stamps
Food stamps help you buy food. They help you stretch your food budget so you can buy more and better food.
Fuel Assistance (Crisis)
Crisis Fuel Assistance helps Vermonters who experience a crisis during the winter months. For example, they might have a shut-off notice from their electric company, be out of fuel, or be very close to running out of fuel and have no money to buy more.
Fuel Assistance (Seasonal)
Fuel Assistance can help to pay part of your home heating bills whether you own your home or rent; pay for your heat directly or it's included in your rent; rent a room in someone else's home; or live in public, subsidized, or Section 8 housing AND your rent includes the cost of heat. The best way to find out if you are eligible for assistance is to apply.
Green Mountain Self-Advocates (GMSA)
Green Mountain Self-Advocates (GMSA) is a statewide self-advocacy network run and operated by people with developmental disabilities.
A guardian is a person with the legal responsibility to protect the well-being and rights of another. A guardian also has authority to make certain legal decisions for the person.
High Technology Home Care
The High Technology Home Care Program is an intensive home care program administered by the Division of Disability & Aging Services (DDAS) serving both adults and children. The program coordinates medical supplies, sophisticated medical equipment, and provides skilled nursing care for technology-dependent beneficiaries. The goal is to support the transition from the hospital or other institutional care to the home and to prevent institutional placement.
HIV Dental Care Assistance Program (DCAP)
This program provides free dental assessments and offers additional preventative care, including cleanings and basic restorative treatments such as fillings. Any licensed dentist in Vermont can access this fund on your behalf. Call 1-800-882-2437
HIV Insurance Continuation Assistance Program (ICAP)
This program will pay for the insurance premiums for eligible Vermonters who, because of HIV/AIDS related illness, are unable to keep working or who have had to reduce their work hours and are at risk of lociing their health insurance. Call 1-800-882-2437
HIV+ Early Intervention Program
This program can help by paying for your initial doctor's visits and for medical tests that will give you a baseline of information about your current health. Any doctor in Vermont can charge the program for costs related to these tests, so you will not be faced with large medical bills while also deciding what actions to take in making treatment choices. Call -800-882-2437
HIV/AIDS Medication Assistance Program
The HIV/AIDS Medication Assistance Program provides financial assistance for the purchase of prescription medications to Vermonters living with HIV disease who meet certain income guidelines. If you are eligible, this program will help pay for your treatment drugs whether or not you have private insurance. Call 1-800-882-2437
Housing and Homeless Assistance
We offer intervention to help prevent eviction and to assist homeless individuals and families in finding permanent housing. Services include tenant education and counseling, tenant/landlord advocacy, promotion of the need for affordable and/or emergency housing, and information about possible home ownership opportunities.
Housing and Residential Supports
Several programs coordinate services with housing to help people live independently and with dignity in settings they prefer.
Housing Assistance - Emergency / General Assistance
The Emergency / General Assistance Program helps individuals and families with their emergency basic needs, including housing (e.g., back rent, temporary housing, security deposit), utilities, food, and burial costs.
Housing Assistance - Shelter and Services
DCF's Office of Economic Opportunity supports housing assistance programs and emergency homeless shelters and services throughout the state.
I-SaveRX Program
I-SaveRx is a mail order pharmacy program that is simple to use and could save you money. The program was developed by the state of Illinois to provide mail order access to lower cost brand prescription drugs from Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Governor Douglas signed a bill into law on February 17, 2005 so Vermont residents could participate in this program as an interim solution to the ever escalating cost of prescription drugs.
Impaired Driving Rehabilitation Program
Vermont's Impaired Driving Rehabilitation Program
Ladies First Program
Ladies First is a free health screening program for income-eligible Vermont women. Ladies First pays for annual mammograms, clinical breast exams, pelvic exams, Pap tests, instruction in breast self-exam, and cardiovascular disease risk factor (cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes) screening. Services are provided locally, by the woman's own physician in most cases. Ladies First also pays for repeat mammograms, ultrasounds, biopsies, and colposcopies. Enrollment Number: 1-800-508-2222 Provider Support Line: 1-800-510-2282
The Lifeline Telephone Service Credit offers eligible Vermonters a discount of at least $13.00 off their monthly phone bills.
Medicaid provides low-cost or free coverage for low-income children, young adults under age 21, parents, pregnant women, caretaker relatives, people who are blind or disabled, and those age 65 or older.