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AHS Strategic Plan Final - 2006
This Plan will guide the organizational activities of the Agency for the coming year. By design, this Plan does not reflect all of the programs, services, and treatment that are at the core of the AHS mission. It also is not meant to supplant other Plans within the Agency, such as Healthy Vermonters and the Blueprint for Health. Rather, its purpose is to provide an overall framework for our efforts to move toward a preferred future regarding the ten themes and special initiatives identified through re-organization, to provide a progress report on our activities in the previous year, and to identify new prioritized actions for the coming year.
Blue Book - FY2005
Budget and Program Recommendations for the Vermont Agency of Human Services for the fiscal year 2005
Blue Book - FY2006
Budget and Program Recommendations for the Vermont Agency of Human Services for the fiscal year 2006
Blue Book - FY2007
Budget and Program Recommendations for the Vermont Agency of Human Services for the fiscal year 2007
Blue Book - FY2008
Budget and Program Recommendations for the Vermont Agency of Human Services for the fiscal year 2008
Budget and Program Recommendations -- The Blue Book
Community Profiles
Community Profiles provide key outcomes (such as "Families and Individuals Live in Safe and Supportive Communities") and indicators (such as "Rate of Petitions filed for Relief From Domestic Abuse") are published at the community and county levels by each of 60 school Supervisory Unions. Total State data and corresponding County data are incorporated into each and every Report.
Domestic Violence Policy & Practice at AHS: Recommendations for Systems Change
The AHS Domestic Violence Initiative has three long term goals: to implement effective domestic violence policy and practice within AHS; to institutionalize domestic violence expertise within AHS; and to help provide effective client-based social services to alleviate and end domestic violence in Vermont. It is our belief that the achievement of these goals will help ensure the success of the AHS reorganization and simultaneously provide for the safety and security of a significant number of Vermonters who are victimized by domestic violence.
Early Childhood Reports, Vermont School Readiness Series
Vermont Research Partnership
Juvenile Justice Commission Report - 1/15/2007
Juvenile Justice Sourcebook 2009
Juvenile Justice Sourcebook 2005
Delinquency and Criminal Dispositions in Vermont
Juvenile Justice Sourcebook 2006
Delinquency and Criminal Dispositions in Vermont
Juvenile Justice Sourcebook 2008
Juvenile Justice Sourcebook 2007
Juvenile Justice Sourcebook, 2004
Delinquency and Criminal Dispositions in Vermont
Staff Survey Results
Preliminary results of the AHS Consumer Satisfaction Telephone Survey conducted by the University of Vermont this summer and the final detailed report of the AHS Staff Satisfaction Survey conducted by the University of Vermont this past May 2005.
State of Vermont Global Commitment to Health Waiver: Program Summary
Overview of: Vermont's Medicaid Program (Statistics), Context for GC Waiver Agreement, Financial Model & Organizational Structure, Impact on Program Design, Operations & Beneficiaries and Implementation Timelines
The Vermont Olmstead Commission
The Vermont Olmstead Commission, in consultation with the Secretary of Human Services, has developed a Comprehensive Plan assessing the needs of Vermonters with disabilities to be able to live and work in integrated community settings. A series of public hearings were held across the state to receive comments on Vermont’s draft Comprehensive Plan.
Vermont Early Childhood Work Group
Vermont Interagency Council on Homelessness Report to Governor Douglas
Vermont State Team for Children, Families, & Individuals: Outcomes & Indicators
A listing of the 10 Outcomes and associated indicators adopted by the State Team to guide the work of its partners.
Vermont Well-Being 2006
A Social Indicators Sourcebook
Vermont's "School Readiness Assessment Initiative" Reports
Reports sharing the initial information from a multi-part assessment of "school readiness," conducted throughout Vermont during the school years. The specific measures were the subject of extensive development and pilot-testing, drawing on the resources of the Vermont Early Childhood Workgroup, the Early Childhood Councils, and researchers at the University of Vermont.
Vermont's Success by Six Initiative
Helping Vermont’s communities to foster the well being of young children and their families is the principal goal of Vermont’s comprehensive early childhood initiative, Success By Six. In its broad vision Success By Six is a systemic view of services and supports that cuts across traditional organizational boundaries. Neither a single program nor a collection of programs, it is a unified strategy to promote better outcomes for all Vermont children and their families.
What Works Series
A series of booklets produced by the Planning Division of the Vermont Agency of Human Services to assist the work of its regional and local partners in achieving positive outcomes for Vermont’s citizens. The State Team for Children, Families, and Individuals has identified 10 outcomes, or conditions of well-being, that form the basis for these efforts.