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Data Files

These data files are provided for interested users who want to pursue additional analyses of Community Profile data. PLEASE NOTE: Any such use of these data is the responsibility of the user, and not of the Vermont Agency of Human Services.

We have 2 basic Excel files available for download.

  • County Public contains multi-year state- and county-level data on each of the indicators for which county data are available.
  • Supervisory Public  contains multi-year supervisory union area-level data on each of the indicators for which Supervisory Union area-level data are available; in addition, it contains state-level data on the corresponding indicators, if county-level data are not available.
If you do not have Microsoft Excel you may download the Excel viewer from Microsoft.

PLEASE NOTE: These files are extremely large. They will take between 3 seconds and 5 minutes to download, depending on your internet connection and your modem speed.