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Handling of Inactive accounts

Voluntary & Involuntary Leave of Absence – When an employee is on leave of absence (active duty, medical leave, suspension, etc) the state of their mailbox will be maintained. AHS IT may stop any new email from arriving but the current email will be preserved, this is predicated on AHS IT being accurately informed of the employee’s employment status. AHS IT will work with supervisors for special needs related to these accounts.

Voluntary & Involuntary Employee Separation – Following the termination date provided to AHS IT when notified that an employee is leaving employment the email account will be disabled (no new email will be accepted for that employee). 30 days following the termination date the mailbox will be permanently deleted and all email contained will be deleted, there is no recovery window following this deletion. Supervisors should be aware of the following:

  • AHS IT will not support any automated system response notifying senders that an employees has left employment.
  • AHS IT will not forward incoming email for a terminated employee to any other email address (internal or external).
  • The employee’s supervisor may request a copy of all email contained in the mailbox anytime within the 30 day window following termination. That copy will be provided as a file (often on CD) which the supervisor will assume responsibility for. Responsibility includes providing it to anyone replacing the terminated employee, handling of any potentially sensitive information that might be contained within, and ensuring the safe storage/continued availability of the data.