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Policy, Legislation and HIPAA

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HIPAA, Legislative Bill Tracking, Legislative Reports
HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996)
The Agency of Human Services must comply with the federal law known as HIPAA.
Legislative Bill Tracking
Display Current Status of a Specific Bill or Resolution
AHS Policies, Rules, Standards and Guidelines
AHS Legislative Reports
Research studies on particular topics as requested by the legislature during a session
Medicaid State Plan
DII Digital Media and Hardware (computer) Disposal Memo
A memo from Thomas Murray, DII Commissioner and CIO
DII Digital Media and Hardware Disposal Policy
A DII policy created to eliminate the risk of exposing confidential information.
DII Digital Media and Hardware Disposal Standard
A DII standard to establish the requirements for proper disposal of state owned or leased hardware and digital media
1.12 Screening for Substance Abuse.pdf