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HCAR Proposed Rules

“Health Care Administrative Rules” or “HCAR” mean the collection of regulations adopted by the Agency of Human Services that govern the administration of Vermont Medicaid, including general provisions, eligibility, benefit delivery, covered services, reimbursement, specialized services, beneficiary rights, and provider responsibilities.

The rules found here are proposed and final proposed rules. Once rules are adopted, the proposed rules will be removed from this page. HCAR adopted rules are available here.

To submit a public comment on any proposed rule, please email the Agency of Human Services' Medicaid Policy Unit at Or send written comments to:

Medicaid Policy Unit

Agency of Human Services

280 State Drive, Center Building

Waterbury, VT 05671-1000

For more information about a proposed or final proposed rule, please visit the Global Commitment Register (GCR) public notice that corresponds with the rule. A link to the GCR public notice is included in the table below. The GCR public notice includes a summary of the proposed rule and date of public hearing.


Information about proposed rules can also be found on the Secretary of State's Proposed Rule Postings website.


HCAR Proposed and Final Proposed Rules
Rule NumberSecretary of State Rule NumberRule TitleStatus

Links to Annotated and Non-Annotated Rule

Link to GCR Public Notice
 HCAR 4.207 19P048Prescribed Drugs 




 Proposed GCR 19-021

HCAR 4.23819P049Gender Affirmation Surgery for the Treatment of Gender DysphoriaNewNew RuleProposed GCR 19-021
VPharm 544719P047VPharm Prescribed DrugsAmended



Proposed GCR 19-021
 7501 19P046 Pharmaceuticals, Medical Supplies and Equipment - General Information RepealAnnotated Proposed GCR 19-021