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Reach Up Services (P2300)

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Reach Up Services Procedures Table of Contents (P2300TOC)
Modifications or Deferments - Domestic Violence Modification or Deferment (P2344A)
Modifications or Deferments – Medical Modification or Deferment of Work Requirement (2344B)
Modifications or Deferments - General Modification/Deferment Procedures (P2344C)
Self-Sufficiency Outcome Matrix Procedures (P2346)
Reach Up Procedures Cont.- Purpose (P2347A)
Reach Up Procedures Cont.- How Reach Up Support Services Help Individuals Accept Or Maintain Paid Employment; Or Learn About, Be Assessed For, or Participate In Reach Up (P2347B)
Reach Up Procedures Cont.- What Are Program Activity and Support Service Items? (P2347C)
Reach Up Procedures Cont.- Steps to Authorize and Pay for Support Services (P2347D)
Reach Up Procedures Cont.- Spending Limits and Support Services Matrix (P2347E)
Reach Up Procedures Cont.-One-time-only, Employment-related Support Services (P2347F)
Reach Up Procedures Cont.- How to Issue Payments for Reach Up Support Services (P2347G)
Reach Up Procedures Cont.- How to Issue Incentive Allowances for Parenting Education and Volunteer Work (WAM 2245.2 P.3) (P2347H)
Case Management Procedures for Post-60-Month Cases (P2349)
18 and 36 Month Case Reviews (P2350)
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Screening (P2351)
Transporting Reach Up Clients (P2360)
Case Management Procedures for Temporary Absence (P2370)
Good Cause (P2373)
Conciliation (P2374)
Imposing Sanctions (P2375A)
Primary Earner Parent Sanction (P2375B)