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AABD-EP (P2700)

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AABD-EP Procedures Table of Contents (P2700TOC)
AABD- Policy Background (P2700)
Federally Administered AABD Supplements- Application (P2710A)
Federally Administered AABD Supplements Cont.- Decisions and Notices (P2710C)
Social Security Offices- Burlington District (P2711A)
Social Security Offices- Rutland Offices (P2711C)
Interim Assistance- Policy Basis (P2712A)
Interim Assistance Cont.- Recovery Process (P2712C)
MIL Maintenance- Policy Background (P2713A)
MIL Maintenance Cont.- MIL Adjustment (S.O. Only) (P2713C)
State Administered AABD (P2720)
Application Request Response (P2721A)
Initial Eligibility (P2722A)
Initial Eligibility Cont.- Data Collection, Verification, Documentation (P2722B)
Initial Eligibility Cont.- "Inform Applicant" checklist (P2722C)
Eligibility Review- Change Review (P2723A)
Eligibility Review Cont.- Scheduled Eligibility Review (P2723B)
Eligibility Review Cont.-Inform Applicant" Checklist (P2723C)
Appeal and Fair Hearing (P2724A)
Appeal and Fair Hearing Cont.- Mail Appeal Request (P2724B)
Appeal and Fair Hearing Cont.- Benefit Continuation (P2724D)
Appeal and Fair Hearing Cont.- Hearing Decision Implementation (P2724F)
Appeal and Fair Hearing Cont.- District Investigation (P2725A)
Eligibility Tests and Proofs (P2730)
Citizenship and Residence (P2731)
Age, Blindness or Disability- Age (P2732A)
Age, Blindness or Disability Cont.- Blindness or Disability (P2732B)
Financial Need (P2733A)
Financial Need Cont.- Resources (P2733B)
Financial Need Cont.- Income (P2733C)
Replacing Essential Person Checks (P2734)
Payment Maximums - SSI/AABD Payment Maximums (P2740A)
Payment Maximums Cont.- AABD-EP Payment Maximums (P2740B)