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3SquaresVT Procedures Table of Contents (P2500TOC)
3SquaresVT Policy and Procedures Index (P2500A)
3SquaresVT Cont.- Alphabetical Table of Contents Policy (P2500B)
Basic Information- The Difference Between Policy and Procedures (P2501A)
New Applications- Application (P2510A)
New Applications Cont.- Forms (P2510B)
New Applications Cont.- Interview (P2510C)
New Applications Cont.- Application Processing (P2510D)
New Applications Cont.- Eligibility Determination (P2510E)
New Applications Cont.- Prorating the First Months's Benefits (P2510F)
New Applications Cont.- Benefit Delivery (P2510G)
Recertification- Applications (P2520A)
Recertification Cont.- Verification and Documentation (P2520D)
Recertifications Cont.- Eligibility Calculation (P2520E)
Recertifications Cont.- Benefit Delivery (P2520F)
Recertifications Cont.- Notification (P2520G)
Changes Within A Certification Period- Forms (P2530A)
Changes Within A Certification Period Cont.- Eligibility Calculation (P2530C)
Changes Within A Certification Period Cont.- Benefit Delivery (P2530D)
Problems- Stamp Replacement (P2540A)
Problems Cont.- Overpayments (P2540B)
Problems Cont.- Underpayment (P2540C)
Problems Cont.- 3SquaresVT to be Held (P2540D)
Problems Disqualification Hearing (P2540F)
Misc (P2560A)
Misc Cont.- Special Housing Composition (P2560B)
Misc. Cont.- Applying for Social Security Numbers (P2560C)
Misc. Cont.- Calculating Self-Employment Income (P2560E)
Misc. Cont.- Continuation of 3SquaresVT When ANFC Closes (P2560F)
Misc. Cont.- Work Registration (P2560G)
Misc. Cont.- Passalong and Child Support (P2560H)
Misc. Cont.- Child Support for Group 2 and 3 Members (P2560I)
Misc. Cont.- Work Requirements for Able Bodied Adults (P2560J)
Cash Out- Application (P2580A)
Cash Out Cont.- Changes (P2580f)
Cash Out Cont.- Direct Deposit (P2580H)
Reference Materials Calculating Net Income (P2590A)
Reference Materials Cont.- Maximum Resources Allowed (P2590B)
Reference Materials Cont. – Maximum Gross and Net Income and Maximum Allotments (P2590C)
Reference Material Cont.- 3SquaresVT Allotment Tables (P2590D)
Reference Materials Cont.- 3SquaresVT Allotment Proration Tables (P2590E)