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Draft AHS Quality Strategy
Draft document that outlines how AHS will assess and improve the quality and appropriateness of care and services for all individuals enrolled in Medicaid programs and services funded by the Global Commitment to Health Waiver
Global Commitment to Health: AHS Draft Evaluation Plan
This is an interim document submitted by AHS to the Center for Medicaid Services (CMS). It should guide, but not prescribe, the evaluation activities of the selected contractor for the evaluation.
Submitted Questions:“Global Commitment to Health” Evaluation
AHS Results Scorecard
This Agency of Human Services Scorecard and Dashboard will function as a dynamic “report card” for assessing how well Vermont is doing in relation to desired results or conditions of well-being, and how the Agency is working to contribute to those outcomes. The public, the Legislature, and our community partners and providers can use this tool to assess the state of well-being in Vermont, collaborate to achieve complex results for Vermonters, and hold the Agency accountable for the programs we operate and their benefit to Vermonters.
Collective Bargaining Agreement Between the State of Vermont and AFSCME Relating to Independent Direct Support Providers
Collective Bargaining Agreement for Independent Direct Support Providers: Facts and Frequently Asked Questions