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Vermont's Framework For Ending Family Homelessness

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One in four Vermonters experiencing homelessness is a child under 18. Studies show that the stress and instability of homelessness can impact a child’s health, behavioral development, and educational achievement. For parents, homelessness can be profoundly disorienting. It exacerbates existing challenges, further destabilizing a family. Parents want to be able to provide a safe home for their children and assure them that things will get better.

Stable, safe housing is critical for Vermonters of all ages - children, youth and adults - which is why the highest priority AHS housing effort is ending homelessness in Vermont. In 2015, Vermont launched a statewide initiative to end child and family homelessness. Our approach combines national guidance on homelessness with Vermont-specific approaches to make housing accessible and affordable to families with lower incomes. While this framework emphasizes the housing needs of families and children, many of the action items are designed to assist any Vermonter experiencing homelessness, regardless of age or household type. The framework is designed around the following three strategies:

1.     Adopt the “Family Connection” framework and support four key components of an effective homeless Continuum of Care.

2.     Braid supportive services, housing and rental assistance to improve housing stability for families, children, landlords and communities. 

3.     Construct and rehabilitate rental housing which is affordable to households with extremely low incomes and accessible to families and individuals who have experienced homelessness.

For information on the framework, strategies, action items, and our progress in Vermont, check out the latest report, below.

·       April 2018 Report

·       April 2016 Update

·       Ending Family Homelessness January 2016 Update

·       October 2015 Update

·       Vermont’s Framework for Ending Family Homelessness by 2020


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Ensuring all members of a society have a place to call home is one of the most challenging and important goals a country, state, or community can take on. Realizing this collective goal will take sustained focus in coming years, and the commitment of partners from state and federal government, business, the philanthropic sector, and local faith-based and non-profit groups. Vermont is far from declaring “Mission Accomplished,” but we have declared our mission of making homelessness history.

For additional information, contact Angus Chaney, AHS Director of Housing at 241-0440 or