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Human Resource Unit

The AHS Human Resources Unit supports the agency workforce of approximately 3,300 employees.  The Unit provides a single point of contact for AHS managers and staff regarding their personnel issues and coordinates with the state’s Department of Human Resources to ensure the seamless delivery of personnel services. The Unit also provides agency-wide leadership regarding workforce planning and development.

Specific activities in this unit include:

  • Processing personnel actions to reflect changes in employment status, pay and benefits
  • Maintaining employee personnel records
  • Managing positions including tracking and reporting, submitting position pool requests, and coordinating classification review
  • Coordinating employee leave time, return to work, and benefits related to workers’ compensation, family and medical leave, and reasonable accommodation
  • Coordinating the on-line recruitment management process, and assisting hiring managers / supervisors with the recruitment process.
  • Providing new employee orientation (either directly, for employees in Waterbury, or by providing the materials to supervisors in field offices)
  • Administering the provisions of the collective bargaining contracts, personnel policies and state and federal laws relating to employment and ensuring that managers, supervisors, and employees all know, understand, and act in accordance with their rights and responsibilities under these provisions
  • Coaching supervisors and managers to properly, fairly and consistently manage employee performance and conduct
  • Addressing workplace problems to ensure job satisfaction and a healthy work environment
  • Investigating employee complaints of harassment or discrimination
  • Investigating allegations of misconduct
  • Representing the agency in grievances, collective bargaining, and other labor relations processes
  • Supporting organizational and workforce development strategies for alignment with Agency goals