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Agency of Human Services - Director of Housing


Safe and stable housing is critical to all of the clients of the Agency of Human Services. To this end, the role of the AHS Director of Housing is to coordinate housing programs, policy and initiatives across the departments within AHS, and ensure that the agency speaks with a consistent voice across all relevant forums. The Director of Housing is responsible for developing a comprehensive, integrated approach to housing, including the development and implementation of a statewide agenda to reduce the incidence and duration of homelessness in Vermont.


Addressing the housing needs of Vermonters today and tomorrow requires options ranging from prevention strategies, emergency responses, and transitional programs, to longer-term housing solutions (such as supportive services, rental subsidies, and greater access to housing). Our departments provide housing services directly and through partnerships with dozens of local non-profit organizations in all regions of Vermont.


The documents below provide an overview of the housing work of AHS and reflect the agency’s primary strategies for improving housing stability for the clients we serve.


    AHS Summary Housing Outcomes 2016

    AHS Summary Housing Outcomes 2015

    Value of Stable Housing Study and Report

    Ending Family Homelessness 2020 Framework

    Vermont Plan to End Homelessness – 2014 Update

    AHS Housing Policy


For additional information, contact Angus Chaney, AHS Director of Housing at 241-0440 or