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You will find information focused on the needs of professionals who work with people who have experienced the trauma of being sexually abused as children. It is also focused on the needs of professionals who work with youth and adults who exhibit sexually harmful behaviors. You will find resources on current research, best practice and evidence based models to serve these populations.
Many community agencies and prevention practitioners advocate for children and families affected by sexual abuse and sexual violence. Sexual abuse is a complex issue. All members of our communities are critical to efforts in fostering and sustaining safe and healthy environments. The links here provide information on multidisciplinary approaches to these efforts.
Individuals and organizations can assist in improving the outcomes for those who experience or perpetrate sexual abuse. These resources assist in setting boundaries and creating practice and policy that inhibits future abuse or negative effects and for fostering healthy relationships and environments for children, families and communities.
Protecting children is the responsibility of all adults and a critical component of the work of any professional working with children and youth. You will find information on the best practice topics from the creation of trainings, effective prevention programming, through current research on topics specific to sexual abuse and sexual violence. You may also find the information listed in the Families section of use to you or the children and families you are working with.
Child Sexual Abuse is very traumatic to a child and disrupts child development. Sexual abuse is often a form of complex trauma when a child is exposed to multiple or prolonged traumatic sexual events. Complex trauma, such as sexual abuse, often begins in early childhood and occurs within the primary caregiving system. Exposure to these initial traumatic experiences, the resulting emotional dysregulation and the loss of safety, direction, and the ability to detect or respond to danger cues, often sets off a chain of events leading to subsequent or repeated trauma exposure in adolescence and adulthood.
Treatment plans for all aspects of sexual abuse and sexual violence can provide wrap around services from a multidisciplinary team. Professionals working with people affected by sexual abuse need to be knowledgeable about current best practice. Each team member will have a part to play whether it is providing support, referring for treatment or assisting with accountability. The links here will provide treatment information to guide your practice and provide resources both to you and your clients.
Research provides rich and current information for all professionals in the area of sexual abuse and sexual violence. You will find articles here on the latest work.
Resources for School Professionals
Classes and Training Information
This folder contains handouts from classes and training offered through the Agency of Human Services and Divisions within the Agency.