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Treatment For Sexual Abuse

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Research shows that strong and immediate support from a protective parent/caregiver is a critical first step in a child’s recovery and resilience if they have experienced sexual abuse. Research also shows that treatment for individuals with sexually harmful behaviors is successful both with youth and adults. Mental health care is very important for recovery, accountability and safety.
Big Voice Pictures - "Boys and Men Healing"
An Inspiring 10 minute Video about healing from male child sexual abuse.
Canadian Health Center - Sexual Abuse Conseling: A Guide for Parents and Children
Information on why couseling is important, types of treatment and other help for seeking treatment.
Canadian Public Health - Sibling Sexual Abuse: A Guide for Parents
Information for families where sexual abuse happens between children in the same home.
Community Mental Health Centers
Each area of Vermont is served by a community mental health agency that provides services to children and families (e.g., crisis response, treatment, support, and referral).
National Child Traumatic Stress Network - How to Find Help
Tips and guidance by the National Chld Traumatic Stress Network for families effected by child sexual abuse.
Finding a Treatment Provider
Things to consider when seeking a mental health clinician for your child.
Stop-It-Now - Information for Adult Survivors
As an adult survivor, your parenting and protective skills towards your children may cause you to revisit your own childhood experience or have negative impacts for your children. This information is for you.