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The Vermont Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Sexual Abuse

Lake Champlain from Burlington

The Center is mandated by Vermont law to coordinate and oversee the state’s systematic response to sexual assault and child sexual abuse. It is jointly administered by the Department of Corrections and the Department for Children and Families.  For more information about the Center, please click here.

This site provides links to resources on the sensitive topic of sexual abuse and may be triggering for some people. If you think this topic might be an issue for you, please consider not entering the website or seek resources for yourself.


General Resources
Judicial & Law Enforcement

Contact Us

Department of Corrections
Randy Coble, Sex Offender Supervision
& Re-Entry Coordinator
(802) 241- 0014

Department for Children and Families
Priscilla White, Child Victim
Treatment Director
(802) 241-0909

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Have feedback? This web page is a community resource on the topic of sexual abuse, providing information, facts, and best practices to a variety of audiences. We invite and encourage feedback about the usefulness of the information you find here. Please feel free to contact us at the addresses above with any comments, concerns or suggestions.