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a man holds a paintbrush in his mouth to paint a purple owl.

People with disabilities are active members in our community who go to work, attend school, participate in community events, and give back in many different ways.

The Council has created, and sponsored, visual representations to serve as educational aids for our neighbors, employers, agencies, and legislators.

Most materials are available to be viewed digitally online, and are distributed at events, conferences, and the State House.


Publications and Infographics

All publications and infographics are designed In-House through the collective efforts of VTDDC staff and members. You may request hard copies to be post mailed to you at any time.

VTDDC uses its publications for:

  •     Council Member Education and Distribution
  •     Conferences and Events
  •     Informing Policymakers and Education


In less than 200 words the brochure describes what the Council is, what it does, and the members who make it happen.  It also includes the mission and contact information.  What does it mean to "Advocate. Change. Join"?


Annual Report

As a thorough representation of what the Vermont Developmental Disabilities Council achieved within the last year, the Annual Report is our go-to publication to describe our accomplishments. It includes descriptions of in-house and statewide projects, graphs to represent the Council's income and spending, a list of key partners, quotes from respected advocates and leaders, and more. What has the Council done?


Choosing Words with Dignity

It's not what you say, but how you say it. This straight-forward brochure empowers people with disabilities by educating  readers on the right way to approach and describe others without putting them down. What are the positive phrases compared to the negative ones?


Vermont ABLE Bookmark

The Vermont Developmental Disabilities Council were excited to support the Vermont State Treasurer during the launch of the Vermont ABLE savings program. We created a bookmark to tell Vermonters with disabilities that they can have savings and not risk their benefits. The rules to save money have changed!


Infographics are flyers and posters that use pictures to communicate facts and statistics to a variety of audiences.

VTDDC uses infographics for:

  •     Council Meetings and Members
  •     Public Awarness and Education
  •     Informing Policymakers in the Vermont State House

    vtddc info_impact betterfuture.png

Impact in a Minute

The Vermont Developmental Disabilities Council submits a yearly report to its federal funders. Provided is a very brief one-page crunch of some of the Councils achievements and how it secures a better future for Vermonters with developmental disabilities.
What has VTDDC done?


a thumbnail of the first designated agency infographic.

Designated Agencies. A Workforce at Risk.

Vermont’s Designated and Specialized Services Agencies are essential to Vermont's economy safety net, and health reform efforts. They effectively serve Vermonters with complex health conditions, preventing unnecessary and costly care.
How is the workforce at risk?


a thumbnail of the second designated agency inforgraphic.

Designated Agencies. Promised More and Getting Less.

In 2017 Vermont legislators passed Act 82 and 85 to give liveable wages to Designated and Specialized Services Agency staff, and supervisors and clients saw a positive shift when Phase 1 rolled out...
But whatever happened to Phase 2?


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VTDDCouncil Connections Newsletter

Council Connections brings the latest news on disability rights, resources that promote inclusion, and opportunities for advocacy to individuals with developmental disabilities and their family members living in the heart of Vermont communities. You can keep yourself current by subscribing to Council Connections.
an illustration of a person holding a paper airplane.


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Visual Exhibits

The photo exhibit, Living Connections, was created by educator Deborah Lisi-Baker and photographer Mary Claire Carroll.

The purpose of the display project was to tour and educate Vermont communities about people with disabilities, and marvel at how far society has come since the days when Institutions were still considered relevant.

A special thank you to everyone involved who warmly and openly shared their life stories.a young man with a disability holding a bat to bunt a baseball.

"The images and voices in this exhibit reflect a growing expectation ... that people with disabilities are more than service recipients."
- Mary Claire Carroll



Visiual exhibit creators, Deborah and Marie, summarize what they hope to achieve by sharing these valuable stories about people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and the strong bonds they've formed with people in our communities.



Kit, Dawn, and Joanna

Dawn and Joanna were looking for someone who knew life was about positivity and living in the moment, and nearly two decades ago they opened their home to Kit.  Kit is an older woman with physical and intellectual disabilities, but she's also developed disabilities that comes with living a long and rewarding life.  Kit, Dawn, and Joanna haven't let the heightened need for care slow them down and they live every day like it's sunshine.

 kit, dawn, and joanna sitting together in the sunshine.


Andreas and Jason

Jason was unsatisfied with his full-time job and felt there had to be a more meaningful end to his day. He was introduced to Andreas, a man close to his age who has an intellectual disability, and they've been living together ever since. Jason's and Andreas' shared interest in music and people guarantee you're most likely to bump into them enjoying local musicians, and traveling for concerts and music festivals.

 andreas and jason standing close together and grinning.


Bob and Errica

Bob is an older man with physical disabilities who considers himself a determined artist. He primarily works with paint and has developed an impressionist style that works for him and produces amazing results. The hard part was selling his paintings. Bob met Errica through United Counseling Services of Bennington, and together they found an audience to market his art.


bob and errica sit together admiring an album of his paintings.


Erica and Lynn

Introduced through Families First, Erica and Lynn bonded quickly over their passion for atheleticism, learning, and conversation. Lynn helps Erica with her reading skills to help her fullfill her dream of attending college, and Erica helps Lynn with math. Together they joined a book club and consider themselves as close as family.


erica and lynn stand side-by-side smiling.


Jay and Karen

Like any person graduating high school, Jay was determined to leave the nest and not let his physical disability get in the way. Friends and allies were quick to help and soon he pursued is path of  independence. Jay, Karen, and her husband live together and use their spare time to give to community groups, and organize dances and classes at a local college. Jay knows there are people who count on him and is always the first to say, "Let's go!".


jay and karen stand together with a grassy background.


Nicole and Taylor

Nicole and Taylor, both women with developmental disabilities, met as students while attending ThinkCollege (a program at the University of Vermont), but it was their growing interest in self-advocacy that guaranteed their friendship. Both students have lots of practice speaking up for themselves and seeing-to-it that they recieve the same education and job oppertunities as everyone else.


nicole and taylor sit close together and grin with their schoolwork on the table.


Patrick and Bubba

Team captain of both, his baseball team and his hockey team, Patrick has always been an absolute all-star. His coach, Bubba, and his teammates, all respect his hard work and contagious positivity. Patrick and Bubba's families have grown close over the years and enjoy reminiscing about memorable sports games and moments.


patrick and bubba stand outside with snow in the background.


Rhonda and Betty

Rhonda is an office manager and the cause behind everything moving smoothly with help from her support person, Betty. Rhonda and Betty were introduced through Upper Valley Services and during their off time they bond over scrapbooking and quilting.


rhonda and betty stand close together.


Ronnie and Linda

A past resident of the Brandon Training School, Ronnie first met Lynda and her family as they provided care to him and other residents. So, when the school closed, it seemed only natural for Ronnie to go with the staff who he felt closest to. He is now a fully involved, respected, and loved member of their household.


ronnie, linda, and family, sit together inside their home.


Tracey and Harvey

Frustrated with how hard he had to work to communicate with others, Tracey felt isolated because he was unable to share his thoughts and feelings. Facilitated communication specialist, Harvey, has helped Tracey express himself by supporting his elbow as he types and the computer speaks. It is Tracey’s goal to show others that his words are intelligent and independent.


tracey types a message with harvey supporting his elbow.



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Audio and Video Projects

All of VTDDC's video projects may be found on our youtube channel or watched individually through the links below.



Your Voice (Vote) Matters

This Public Service Announcement is the first in-house audio project for radio created by the Council. It is less then 30 seconds and was circulated to all of Vermont's radio stations prior to the 2019 elections. The video-version includes built-in captions and a warm thank you to everyone involved. You can also download the audio to share offline.


a screen capture of the psa.



Breaking Barriers

These films follow and admire Vermonter’s who are active in their communities. Mad River Media produced three segments that were all featured on Vermont Public Television with public service announcements.
You can watch Ben, Nicole, and Stirling.


ben holds the rail of a ski lift as he glides over snow and trees.



Meet David, Robin, and Sherri, as they share their workspace and describe their job responcibilities. Shadow Productions helped to share the message that we all volunteer, work, advocate, and grow in our communities. The disABILITY Story Project was aired on the radio and television.


a screen capture of the introduction window to disability project.


Vermont Is My Home

"When you can't speak words people feel you have nothing to say to make a difference." - Kyle Moriarty

CCTV filmed Kyle, Nicole, and Paul, to show people with disabilities taking control of their own lives and pursing their goals in school, work, and in the community.


nicole and another student brainstorm over their assignments.


Speak UP! Speaks out.

Self-advocates of "SpeakUp! Addison County" were trained and supported by MCTV to use film equipment, act, direct, and edit their film. Through their hard work they've created a 20 minute film about their advocacy group and members. It was produced by Tim Joy and Speak UP! Addison County.


a woman wears headphones near a studio lamp.


A special thanks to our participants for opening their lives and paving the way.


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VTDDC in the News

Staff, Council Members, and allies to the Council, are sometimes featured or quoted in local and national media.


Published stories that can be found in the Newspaper and digitally.



Video content featured on the Television through the news and public broadcast.

 news radio.png


Audio content freatured on the Radio and digitally catalogued.


Social media and user-generated content bring us together on the Internet.


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