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Vermont Developmental Disabilities Council



a group picture of the vermont developmental disabilities council members and staff.

Vermont Developmental Disabilities Council Members and Staff.
June 2017. Fairlee, Vermont.




We’re passionate about systems change and long-term solutions. VTDDC is a part of a powerful network of state councils created by federal law. The Council partners with Vermont disability-related groups to move key legislation and policy initiatives forward.

We support self-advocates and families to grow as leaders and become the voices of change.

All advocacy begins by saying, “Nothing about us, without us.”

vtddc executive director, kirsten murphy, presented at the state house during the launch of vt-able.




The Council invests its resources for positive outcomes. Every five years the Council plans how its federal funds will be used to improve the lives of people with developmental disabilities.

Council activities include:

  • advocacy
  • public policy development
  • best practice demonstrations
  • leadership education

    We stood with self-advocates
    when they erased the R-Word from Vermont legislation.

    self-advocates stand together as they record their ideas on post-it notes.




You can apply and become a candidate for membership.

Self-advocates and family members make up more than 60% of the Council. The Council represents a diverse geographic sample and various personal situations, includ ing underserved groups. Members identify priority issues and projects that will be supported by Council resources.

Applications available
on our website
or upon request.
Openings are limited.

four vtddc council members sit together during a group activity. 



We believe that...

With opportunities, people grow and share their dreams and talents.
Communities are stronger when all people have a voice and are heard with respect.
The humanity we share is more important than the differences in our abilities.

What's New

Public Service Announcement

10/17/2018: Your Voice (Vote) Matters

Five-Year State Plan for Public Comment

06/29/2018: Comments about the suggested changes to our Five-Year State Plan are due by August 12, 2018.


08/09/2017: Treasurer’s Office Launches “AbleToSave” Month as Part of Outreach to Highlight New Savings Program for Vermonters with Disabilities

Our Annual Report is out!

06/02/2017: VTDDC's 2017 Annual Report summarizes everything the Council accomplished within the last year.
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Upcoming Meetings
Quarterly Meeting in June 06/27/2019
Quarterly Meeting in September 09/27/2019
Upcoming meetings…