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Vermont Council on Homelessness

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The Vermont Council on Homelessness is comprised of 22 members appointed by the governor and representing departments of state government, quasi-state housing entities, persons who have experienced homelessness, housing providers, homeless service providers and at-large members. The responsibilities of the Council include, but are not limited to, development, monitoring and periodic revision of Vermont’s Plan to End Homelessness. The Council makes annual recommendations to the Governor and Administration regarding resource, policy, and regulatory changes necessary to reduce and end homelessness in Vermont.
VCH Executive Order
Vermont Council on Homelessness Plan to End Homelessness (Final)
Vermont's five year plan to end homelessness signed by Governor Shumlin on January 10, 2013
VCH July 1, 2013 Update to State Plan to End Homelessness
Timeline for 2014 Annual Update to Vermont Council on Homelessness 5 Year Plan
VCH Composition
Family Supportive Housing Demonstration
Vermont Rental Subsidy Program 18 Month Evaluation
Comparing VRS data 2012 and 2013
Housing the Homeless Summit
Information regarding the June 7th Housing Summit
AHS Housing Policy
Joint Resolution - Vermont Council on Homelessness and Vermont Housing Council
“Joint Resolution of the Vermont Council on Homelessness and Vermont Housing Council on Housing Impact of Sequestration.”
VCH 2013 Agendas
VCH 2014 Agendas
VCH 2014 Minutes