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IRB Minutes June 2010

  • AHS-IRB 24 -PRAMS (Continuing Review)

Reviewers:  John Pandiani, Shawn Skaflestad

Conditional 6 month approval.  First condition is the amendment of the Recruitment/Enrollment Table on Page 1 of the AHS IRB Request for Continuing Review Form (i.e., changes to Remain+Withdrew+Completed total, as well as, changes to the Discrepancy total).  Second condition involves delay in receiving Certificate of Confidentiality.  Reason for the 6 month conditional approval was because the consent language modifications re: vulnerable populations proposed by the VT AHS IRB were not approved by the federal gov't by the study’s continuing review deadline.


  •  AHS-IRB 83-PRAMS Data Quality Improvement Project 

Reviewers:  Susan Harritt, Bob Stanton

Found to be Public Health Practice NOT Research