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Children and Family Council for Prevention Programs (CFCPP)
The State Advisory Board for youth justice, delinquency and primary prevention in Vermont.
Developmental Disabilities Council
The mission of VTDDC is to facilitate connections and to promote supports that bring people with developmental disabilities into the heart of Vermont Communities.
Human Services Board
The Human Services Board is a citizen's panel consisting of seven members created by the legislature pursuant to 3 V.S.A. §3090. Its duties are to act as a fair hearing board for appeals brought by individuals who are aggrieved by decisions or policies of the various departments and programs throughout the Agency of Human Services.
Institutional Review Board
The Vermont Agency of Human Services requires that research conducted by any component of the agency involving human subjects, their health related information and/or any potential risk to human subjects, be approved before the research is begun. The Agency Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews applications concerning research on human subjects or their protected health information when the subjects are Agency clients or recipients of public services or benefits furnished by the Agency AND when the research is proposed by, affiliated with, conducted at the request of, or involves an Agency department, division, program or office.
Tobacco Evaluation and Review Board
The Vermont Tobacco Evaluation & Review Board was established by the legislature effective July 2000 as an independent board. The Board establishes a budget, program criteria, and policy recommendations and oversees evaluation of the tobacco control program. The Board is also required to submit a budget recommendation in October to the Governor and the Legislature for program funding for the next fiscal year and to submit an annual report to the legislature on progress of the tobacco control program. For more information, contact the administrator, by telephone at (802) 241-2555 or by email at
Vermont Council on Homelessness
The Vermont Council on Homelessness is comprised of 22 members appointed by the Governor and representing state government, persons who have experienced homelessness, housing providers, homeless service providers and at-large members. The responsibilities of the Council include development, monitoring and periodic revision of Vermont’s Plan to End Homelessness. The Council makes annual recommendations to the Governor and Administration regarding resource, policy, and regulatory changes necessary to reduce and end homelessness in Vermont. For additional information, contact Angus Chaney, council chair, at 241-0440 or
Vermont Parole Board